I may or may not have already told Jennifer & Justin, I’d puppy sit Jett.    

Even under the weather these two killed it in front of the camera. I mean, Niki could be a model.    

I meet the Pope’s thru the sport of Rodeo. And just like that we were family.  

Have you ever heard of the blog Living in Grace & Style? If you haven’t you are truly missing out on a beautiful soul that loves people. I can’t tell you how thankful I’m for my friendship with Hannah.   Living in Grace & Style Xoxo

5:30 am wake up call in Vegas, What? It was totally worth it. I mean check out that morning light and Rodeo Vogue killing it. Rodeo Vogue is low key high fashion and she always shares the best staple pieces to0. Rodeo Vogue Xoxo

A family session that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Adrien reached out to me before this years NFR wanting family photos. After hearing their story and why they were attending, I knew this was why I was going. I will forever me thankful, she chose me to capture such a special […]

One of my favorite families to see while in Florida. Funny farm goals, seriously. I can’t wait to start my own one day.  

Living in South Louisiana most people have god parents and most are god parents themselves. James Tyler wanted updated photos of all of his God children, and we made it happen. Xoxo  

“Don’t Hate Collaborate” 3 words we should use more often. Being in a Industry with so many amazing makers, its really nice to collaborate with each other. A Sunday morning in the Stockyards shooting amazing products with gorgeous model. I don’t think it gets any better unless its Vegas during the NFR. Or maybe that’s […]

Saturday afternoon, I got to explore a few of Texas’ small towns with a sweet couple from my hometown in Florida. After leaving home almost 8 years ago, it was so much fun catching up with an old friend & making a new one! Now, I have to wait until January to hang out with […]

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