Saturday morning I got the chance to hang out with a talented guy Dylan Borowski,  who works with leather out in Texas. Of course, I asked a million and one questions. I learned so much just by sitting back and watching him work. But I think I’ll just let him build out all my leather […]

The sound of an alarm going off and the shine of a bright cell phone light in my eyes let me know its time to get moving. This is a way of life for so many people. As I have made friends working on my series, I have learned that most of them wake up […]

There is just something about a road trip that I just love. It’s being able to see new things and meet new people. But oh the places you get to see, and Stephenville let me see some beautiful new places. The hills and country side are places you only dream about.

 I watched as the dark, black storm clouds come rolling in from the distance.  Men are slowly herding cattle that need to be worked. It’s not an easy job working cows, think about it. Do you like getting a shot? You’ve got to hold the calves down and make sure they don’t kick you. Calves […]

Soaking in the hot summer sun as you smell the cattle in the distance, walking up to a covered arena as they are watching others rope. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect afternoon? I’m sure to most people that sounds really boring. But to some its just part of their everyday lives. As a photographer, […]

Hey Y’all, Such an amazing experience shooting out in East Texas. I spent with day with “Wild Bill” while he rode his colts and even played Cowboys & Indians. With many laughs in between. I’m so thankful for those who believe in my project and are willing to be apart of it. Things are starting […]

This past sunday I was able to go down the bayou to work some cattle with a friend. I was able to shoot as well. Here are a few of the pictures I got. Hope you enjoy. xoxo

Lafayette Louisiana

Wedding & Portrait Photographer