One thing I have learned while living in South Louisiana, is that the community always rallies together. Weather it be during a flood to help save those trapped, go load up animals while the waters rise in the fields or like on the Sunday they came together to support a friend who was injured.

With the 10th Annual Parklane Pro Rodeo hours away from showtime, black clouds are rolling in the distance and as they get closer the rain is pounding steadily. Rain or shine the show goes go on. So when they start to unload the cattle mud starts flying.  That’s when the true “Rodeo Man” comes out.

Hey Ya’ll, I was honored to be apart of the 1st annual Josh Smith Bull Riding. The crowd was packed full of bull riding fans. ( I live in Baton Rouge, I found out last night my roommates step dad was there! Its a small world. ) I hope you all enjoyed it as much […]

Lafayette Louisiana

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