Fall is almost here. And I’ve been gearing up all of my clients with fall shoots. Wild Rags are the perfect fall must have. From working out in the fields to dressing up for date night. Shop them here  

Summer mornings have the best light. Plus the heat isn’t so bad. Jennifer & Kodi were such a blast to work with. Both completely full of life & enjoy being around each other. I’m pretty sure the cool kids would call that “goals”.          

While in Vegas this past December, I wanted to shoot something for myself. Grabbed a few friends of mine & a few items from some amazing small businesses. And spent the afternoon laughing with friends. All items will be linked at the bottom.   Jacket & Vest: Vintage Finds Shirts: Frankie Jo’s Oil Diggers Boo-B […]

Can we just take a second & talk about how gorgeous these cactus are? & get this, this location is in South Louisiana. It has me day dreaming about out West! Judd, is wrapping his senior year. Can’t wait to see what his future holds.

Have you ever travelled deep into east Texas? Every small town has an old town square and everyone knows everyone. Seriously, I have yet to go through a small east Texas town I haven’t loved yet. Jasi & AJ’s east Texas wedding delivered just like every Texas small town I’ve ever driven through. From the […]

There’s nothing better than the personal story other than the wedding day. So here is how Mason asked Meagan to be his wife. Followed by the day she became his wife. Mason had bought the ring while we were living in OK and kept it in his truck for a few weeks before we came […]

Hey Ya’ll! Photo By Janzen Jackson Photography I’m Tyler, the photographer behind Tyler Bicknell Photography.  I’m a Florida native but I call the state of Louisiana home. I’ve been shooting since 2006 when I picked up my first camera and started shooting High School Football. And since then I’ve grown into who I am today. […]

There’s nothing better than seeing a 5 year old wake up at 4:30 am during spring break just to work cows with his older cousin. Most of the time you it’s hard to get technology out of kids hands to get them outside. And little Barrett was more than ready to spend his day horse […]

“ “COWBOY…” There’s just something about that name. It means history…toughness.. It means chivalry…quite charm..chaps. It means hardwork,athleticism,Wanglers,the smell of leather… And most of all, commitment to the land,animals and the natural resources that comprise their environment.”— The Pioneer Woman Since moving to South Louisiana, I’ve become friends with many “Cowboys”. Mostly thanks to my […]

The sound of an alarm going off and the shine of a bright cell phone light in my eyes let me know its time to get moving. This is a way of life for so many people. As I have made friends working on my series, I have learned that most of them wake up […]

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