“You my Best Friend” If you know, Case then you know he tells both his mom & dad this. Well, really he tells everyone they are his best friend. Then ask for something. And he normally gets it. It’s such a blessing to be able to share my passions with my friends. One Tip for […]

Engagement sessions are meant for you to have fun. Seriously, cut loose and dance. Tell each other jokes. I promise, it will make the best photos. Abby & Adam did just that. They even let me talk them into getting in the water. It was well worth it.

Got the chance to spend the afternoon out in East Texas with the Freeman family. And it was nothing short of gorgeous, like seriously just the same as their wedding day! xoxo

The way Robert & Layne talk about each other is enough to make anyone realize they are truly meant to be together on this journey called life together. Seriously, read it for yourself. I might have teared up a little bit myself, “Robert is the type of person to give you his last dollar, the […]

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