There’s nothing better than the personal story other than the wedding day. So here is how Mason asked Meagan to be his wife. Followed by the day she became his wife. Mason had bought the ring while we were living in OK and kept it in his truck for a few weeks before we came […]

There’s nothing better than seeing a 5 year old wake up at 4:30 am during spring break just to work cows with his older cousin. Most of the time you it’s hard to get technology out of kids hands to get them outside. And little Barrett was more than ready to spend his day horse […]

    art is my escape. blessed with an amazing family.  football and hunting season are the best times of the year. my father is my hero. small town florida girl, living in south louisiana.  my life is full of laughter. living in the moments. and never slowly down. hoping to creative everything to share […]

Lafayette Louisiana

Wedding & Portrait Photographer