There’s nothing better than seeing a 5 year old wake up at 4:30 am during spring break just to work cows with his older cousin. Most of the time you it’s hard to get technology out of kids hands to get them outside. And little Barrett was more than ready to spend his day horse […]

Saturday morning I got the chance to hang out with a talented guy Dylan Borowski,  who works with leather out in Texas. Of course, I asked a million and one questions. I learned so much just by sitting back and watching him work. But I think I’ll just let him build out all my leather […]

Hey Y’all, Such an amazing experience shooting out in East Texas. I spent with day with “Wild Bill” while he rode his colts and even played Cowboys & Indians. With many laughs in between. I’m so thankful for those who believe in my project and are willing to be apart of it. Things are starting […]

Lafayette Louisiana

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