Have you ever thought about fashion blogging? || A few things to consider, first.

Have you ever thought about becoming a fashion blogger? As girls, I don’t think we ever stop playing dress up. If you thought about starting a blog, I’m here to help you out. No, I’m not going to do it for you. But I have lots of goodies to help you get started. Because let’s face it, in this industry you need to stand out to make it.  So let’s chat about a few things first before we dive right in.



A few things to think about as you dive into the world of Fashion Blogging.

-What kind of brand do you want to build?

-What is your ideal company you want to work with in the future?

-What is your target audience?


Ladies, do your research.

– Are your ideal companies posting cell phone photos or are they posting professional?

-You’re probably thinking to yourself, why does this matter, right?


Companies are more willing to reach out and work with bloggers, who have quality photos. Why? Because they will be able to use said photos for social media, web and marketing. A few other things companies look for: do you have an actual website, do you have a following on Instagram, do you have an establish brand & does it fit theirs. These are things to think about as you are starting out in the fashion blogging industry. Do a little research, it goes a long way! 


Before we jump into websites & professional photos. Let’s talk about brands! Your probably thinking, but my style varies from day to day. I totally get that, because my style depends on my mood that day. But in the industry of blogging it’s very important to build a brand. Why? Because you want your audience to recognize your photo even when they aren’t on your website or Instagram.  Yes that’s a huge deal, because with Pinterest everyone will be pinning it for inspiration. I follow many different bloggers; I have found a few bloggers who have great brands they have built. Here are a few examples of great built brands in this industry. 



Lets chat about websites, you aren’t considered a fashion blogger until you have a website. Yes, I just said it. And ladies, I’m not sorry I did. Even if you want it to be a hobby, you should still consider it being a small business. Websites are so important in this industry. People want to shop your looks, and then they need the link to the item or a similar item if it’s sold out. Let me be really honest with you all, no one can shop a tag on Instagram and you loose us. Plus, did you know those companies your linking can see if your sending customers to their site. Really, they can. And those companies will be more willing to work with you.  Websites can be a lot of work to get started, but are always well worth it.



Photography is a major key in this industry.  Companies are looking at the Quality & if you’re using filters on your photos. Let me use a quick example, if you were standing in Time Square looking all around at all the ads. Do you see filters over the photographer’s images? Do you see cell phone photos? The answer is no. The companies have a quality photo that draws you into their stores to buy their products. In bloggers, they are looking for the same thing. Photos to draw your audience over to their website to buy products.  The quality of your photos draws the attention of companies. Especially, when they see you are already spending money with them. Ladies, let the companies come to you. Please do not ask for clothing via social media. That is a huge turn off to many companies. It looks like your asking for free clothing. If you are a fashion blogger, you are already buying those items anyways.  


Let me give you a little perspective from the photographers  point of view. Don’t be scared to reach out to a local photographer in your area. If you kindly let them know your starting out in the blogging industry, more than likely we will already know you don’t have a huge budget to work with. Simply ask if there is a way to maybe do one shoot a month with like 15 outfits. I’m sure, the photographer would not mind working out a deal for you. A huge no no to stay away from, offering the photographer exposure for taking your photos. As a photographer myself, I can personally tell you. We get tired of hearing that. It’s a lot of work to be doing for free.


A couple more things for you to think about, as your starting on this new journey. Create a completely different Instagram for your blogging than just doing it on your personal. Because your blogging, Instagram should only have professional photos. Your followers probably don’t care to see a mirror selfie in some random rest stop. Remember ladies, this is a small business. Think of it as one & run it as one. The more professional you are the more likely companies are going to reach out to you. 

Look into like to know it. It’s not easy to get into, but ladies it’s worth it! Your followers can get all your outfit details sent straight to their inbox!  


I absolutely love fashion & love shooting it. I want to help each and every one of you love out your dreams. All dreams take lots of hard work, but if you work hard chasing those dreams. It will pay off in the end. If there are any questions I didn’t answer, please reach out. I’d love to help you!






  1. Kiana says:

    Gave me so much to think about and consider! Thank you for the sincere advise.

  2. Katie says:

    This is a great post! Very informative!

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