What’s your day dream✨?

My lifelong dream has always been to be a full time photographer. This past year that dream came true ✨ it wasn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. Seriously, I had to learn how to balance life & work.

I learned really fast when I worked my best. It didn’t always fit into the 8-5 like I was so used too. Some mornings I need to sleep in, drink a few more cups of coffee & go to the gym before I sat down to work. Other times I spent most of the day soaking up the sun and worked after the sun went down. It really was a trial and error.

it wasn’t just me taking pictures, editing and posting them. There was lots of research, marketing and learning. I’m still learning today, even though I have a degree I’m constantly learning new things. The one scary word this year has been MARKETING; seriously I’m having to sell myself to people who have never persona

lly met me. At first it was scary, it’s one thing Im still learning as I go.

I absolutely love being a photographer & capturing moments. I will always continue to learn new things as I grow my small business.



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