Life’s little blessings ✨


Have you ever wondered why some people come into your life?

Are they there to teach you a lesson, to help through a rough patch or someone to encourage you to be your best? I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons too. There is always a reason your paths crossed.

I’ve been roaming since I graduate high school in Florida. And I’ve been beyond blessed to meet some of my best friends. Most are just like me, photographers & creative. Seriously, you don’t know how big of a blessing it is to talk to someone else who truly understands it.

It normally takes time to build friendships that will last the stand of time. Then someone comes into your life, and you know there was a reason. In the short time I’ve known Kori (which seems like a lifetime already), we’ve encouraged each other & helped each other through rough times. She’s been there as a friend when she didn’t have to be. She’s welcomed me into her office while she wasn’t there. Honestly, it’s been a blessing having Kori in my life. And I know it’s just the beginning. We have many of late night fall edits coming up. And y’all…they involve good food & many laughs.

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