As the Water levels come down, the work really begins.. || Lafayette Lifestyle Photographer

With the water levels coming down finally, thank goodness. Some have been able to return to their homes to start ripping out and savaging what they can. As a photographer, I want to share with everyone how to save their photos. Those memories are precious.  Please don’t throw them away!

You will want to lay them flat, don’t stack or lay them on one another. It could cause damage to the photo underneath. And don’t put them near Windows or major light sources as it will discolor them. Once the photos are dry, I personally would put them in a baggie. There are many wonderful photographers here in the South Louisiana area that would be willing to help restore those memories for you.

If you are a past client of mine that has been affected by the flooding, please do not stress over losing your photos. I will be very happy to put them in the mail for you as soon as you would like me too!

If you have lost all your family photos due to flooding, don’t stress! But please feel free to message or email me. I would love to work with you!

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