Tips on Planning Your One of a kind Engagement Session

Who doesn’t want amazing engagement pictures?  Everyone should want engagement pictures that show who you are as a couple. As a photographer myself,  my favorite part about engagement sessions are capturing the couple being themselves. I’m so excited to share some tips with you as you start to plan your engagement session. Oh, Congrats on this new chapter in your lives.

Tip #1 Location

Location, location, location. You might call me crazy, but the location is key. When you start thinking about the “perfect” location. Things to think about where did he proposal at, place you had your first date, or maybe it’s a place you work cows often. If you pick a place that means something to ya’ll as a couple. It makes your engagements a little more meaningful.

For Example: We went back to the same spot Kyle asked Abby to marry him.

Tip #2 Outfits

Once you have find the location, it’s time to pick out the perfect outfits. Most photographers, normally allow up to 2 outfits. Let’s chat about this! Are ya’ll more of a laid back couple that loves working cows together in your old tee shirt & jeans? Or are you more of a let’s get all fancy & go out to a nice dinner with a glass of wine? Yes, it does matter. Why? Because you want people to see the real couple. Not, a couple who went out and got really nice clothes to get dressy & take pictures. Let’s show them who you really are. No, I’m not saying let’s take some in your old tee shirt & ripped jeans. Don’t be afraid to show who ya’ll are. Oh, and don’t forget to iron out wrinkles before hand.

PS. Remember to always dress for the season!

Tip #3 PETS!

This might be my favorite tip out of them all. If you have seen any of my work, then you already know. I never ever tell a client not to bring their pets. Pets of all kinds are your children and a part of your family. So bring them on. Plus it makes your session one of a kind. No one else is going have your dog or horse in their photos. If they did, it would kinda weird.

Tip #4   Pamper Yourself

Ladies, listen up! Take this as a chance to work with a hair & makeup artist. Maybe one you are thinking about using for the wedding day. Plus its always nice having someone else do it for you, right? I know I love getting my hair & makeup done. Oh ladies, remember it’s a great idea to have your fiancé neck cleaned up and/or shave a day or 2 before hand.

Tip #5 Relax & Have fun!

Come ready to have lots of fun & laughs. If your working with me, personally. I might ask you to do some crazy things, but really its just to break the ice. So I can capture the best pictures possible.

If you have any questions about getting ready for your engagement session. Please feel free to ask! I would love to help you out.

xoxo – Tyler

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