|Louisiana Cowboys

There’s just something about that name.
It means history…toughness..
It means chivalry…quite charm..chaps.
It means hardwork,athleticism,Wanglers,the smell of leather…
And most of all, commitment to the land,animals and the natural resources that comprise their environment.”

— The Pioneer Woman

Since moving to South Louisiana, I’ve become friends with many “Cowboys”. Mostly thanks to my family, my cousin Colt rides bareback horses. He has introduced me to many of his friends. It has truly been a blessing.

The week before Christmas, I receive a text message asking if I could be down the bayou as earlier as possible. Of course, I was there. I never miss out on a chance to work cows or pen them.

The very next day, I get another text message. This time I would head west towards Texas. But the best thing is when I head west, this cowboy also has a horse ready for me. There is nothing better than being horse back and capturing the guys as they work. It’s not always easy…his past trip the saddle wasn’t tight & i as close to falling off as I was shooting. It wasn’t very ideal.

At the end of the day, I would wake up early everyday & drink coffee like water. To be able to capture the “day in the life” of a cowboy.

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