Friday Night Lights

Some of my favorite memories are, Friday nights under the lights watching high school football, while my father is on the sideline coaching.  Then getting up early on Saturday mornings to go with both of my grandfathers and my dad to a college game. You had to be quiet in the car because they would be listening to the other games on the radio. My brother was always there, even in high school we still went to games together. By then it was sometimes just the two of us.

I remember when I was in high school and found a point and shoot camera at my dad’s office. I used it to take pictures on the sideline.  For Christmas, when I was a sophomore I got my first DLSR camera. The rest is history, for the next two years I was on the sideline of every high school game home and away. It helped that my dad was a coach and my brother was a starter on the offense of line.

Those lights are what started it all for me, my love of photography and maybe even football, too! This time of year makes me miss being on the sidelines, but it also makes me happy to see my brother now on the sidelines coaching and chasing his dreams. Football always brings my family together. Of all the sports out there hands down football will always be number 1 in my heart.  

  1. Katie Griffin says:

    Great pictures even back when!

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