Bullard Kids

The view is just amazing as I setup my office on my grandmother’s breakfast room table. And if I’m going to spend my time editing why not have a beautiful view and a good cup of coffee. While I’m getting everything out to get to work, my grandmother who can’t hear as good as she used to has a grand idea. Tyler, I’m going to call Audrey! She would just love some new pictures of her grandchildren. Before I can answer her, she’s already dialing the phone and I can hear someone answer. My grandmother is letting her know that Tyler (that’s me) is in town for one more day before heading south. And she would really like if I could take pictures of her grandchildren. I can hear the excitement thru the phone, “Oh yes, I’ll call my daughter in law now!”

It’s those sweet moments, when I hear others reactions that makes me love what I do even more. I’m able to make someone’s day over and over again every time they see those pictures.

I have to say Audrey’s grandchildren where so excited to have their pictures taken. We started walking through the woods to see if we could find the perfect spot with great lighting, and what do you know we found it. The boys were so full of life and excited. I’m so thankful their mother was behind me, having them say silly words that made them laugh and light up. Those to me are the best moments to capture. Every time I shoot, I remember why I love being a photographer so much. It’s truly a blessing for me.



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