As high school ends and college begins many of you and your friends take different paths. There might benon a few you continue to text or call. But lets be real, you loose contact with most of your high school friends. I mean there are always those few you grew up with that you will keep up with and see when you go home.  You make new friends, as you continue on life’s journey. That’s just part of life, but it’s always great getting to go home to see family and maybe run into a few old friends while you’re there.

Imagine blue skies, green pastures as far as you can see, an old chicken coop that’s now a small bar, old antique plows and tractors, a few dogs running around, horses in stalls and of course the hot summer sun. Yes, I’m on a farm. Even though we haven’t seen each other in a few years due to life in general (she lives in Texas and well I’ve just moved all over) we are excited to be able to spend the afternoon together. Until this beautiful Sunday afternoon,our paths just haven’t crossed. So we spent the time catching up and realizing how many people we both know.


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